Anthrax in Our Schools

I was talking to a friend of mine in Daytona Beach, Florida. The people in our nation NEED to know what our ELECTED officials truly think of us.

Daytona Beach High School had a possible threat of anthrax. The school board DID call in the hasmat team. The hasmat team removed the possible anthrax, and had it sent off to the lab for testing. The county she lives in, has no lab. So this potentially toxic material was shipped from Daytona Beach, Florida, to Jacksonville,. Florida.

No one bothered to test the school buildings or even the children. Further, what they DID take for testing, was going to a lab, 2 hours a way, with no guarantees as to when the results of the testing would be made known.

She spoke to the principal who is following protocol set out by the school board. The Principal stated: "It may be up to the parents to get a fire burning under the rear ends the hasmat team, local police and news and local government."

On Capitol hill, Guard dogs were tested, congress took several days off, and White House officials have been taking anti-biotics against Anthrax since BEFORE the bombing of the WTC.

Our elected officials love to use the catch phrases "for the children," or "to protect the children." NOW, we can TRULY see where our children rank in the grand scheme of things.. With the Postal Workers, Behind the Capitol Hill Guard Dogs... - - CZ